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   Out on 30th of November 2018, Marcus new single Horizon !



   This is the new single from MARCV5 called Gingerman


   You can also stream it here:





   The single Gingerman from MARCV5 will be out on 19/01/2018.


   We have the pleasure to announce you the forthcoming album of Belgium's trio MARCV5 beginning of 2018.

   More information on the next releases to come soon!

   Introduce Records


  Out on the 22nd of June 2015!

Festival season is about to reopen and Acid Invaders are back with a stunning track that will surely become the new festival anthem of 2015!
   After several collaborations, the release would not be complete without a new powerful remix of Owen Replay.


   Prelisten the track here:



   Out on the 24th of November 2014!

   Acid Invaders are back with a bomb track.
   Part of their first album, this jewel was never released before as single until NOW!
   The Release is completed with two excellent versions from Healium
   (Finland) and The Room Small (Japan).



    for all the Introduce Records listeners, this will be the following release of Acid Invaders
   available on Introduce Records in July 2014 and already free for listening and download here!




   Here's Acid Invaders with their new track called "Connections 49".
   This song will be released on 31st of March on your favourite record company: Introduce Records.
   You can preorder the release here.




   Marcus - Mystique E.P.

   Between fog and brightness, Marcus emerges with Mystique.

   Imagine a bright city, sunday morning 4 am, back from the club, your tired taxi driver puts on that last song on the radio you'll remember until waking up.

   Mystique is full of dark atmospheres, stomping beats, hypnotic, psychedelic to the top.

   A flip of the disc and you have Mexico-City Bar. This track remembers a bar under the sea, Amsterdam City, standing on the beach,
   with the sun in our hands, acid lines waving back and forth through your mind.

   This E.P. ends up with a brilliant version made by German remixer and icon called Sasse.

   Order Marcus' latest single here.



The Acid Invaders fire up the aural firmament with their debut self-titled album, “Acid Invaders” out on Introduce Records.

   Fusing dubstep influences with ravey synths, funky acid basslines to hardcore techno beats, ‘The Acid Invaders’ unleash a powerhouse of techno house
   tracks on their riveting debut, which includes their singles “Rave On Kids” and “Change”, which counts a Kevin Saunderson stunning Remix.

   Order your own full album here.



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